Stanislava Pinchuk & Henry Wilson.

A reaction to Australia’s summer of bushfires in 2020, prospects of increased water scarcity and the deepening concerns of the global climate emergency, Mostra presents a civic water fountain tiered for access by various wild-life and humans. Access points cater to possum and birds, to domestic pets, reptiles – as well as a safe landing pad for insects on its top, inspired by my vernacular fountains for my bee-hives on hot and smoky days.

Mostra was carved from a single piece of sandstone, re-purposed from a construction site on Gadigal land, located right by the Museum itself.

Commissioned by the Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences for Hybrid: Objects for Future Homes ( August 2020 – February 2021 ).

Curated by Stephen Todd & Keinton Butler.



Hybrid : Print Publication by M/M Paris.

Edition of 500.

With gratitude to Gosford Quarries & Ministry of Stone.

Hybrid installation photography: Zan Wimberley.

Hybrid publication photography: Matthew R. Stanton.