Let Girls Dream  – A Gucci campaign in support of women’s ambitions and film-making. Launched for the International Day of the Girl, in the outreach for Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy’s Sitara.

§ , 2019

‘ When I was a girl, I didn’t always know what to dream about. I grew up on the outskirts of Kharkiv; hundreds of concrete Soviet blocks as far as you can see, and a sewage manhole to play on. From my neighbourhood, I didn’t know that being an artist was a job that anyone could have in the first place – let alone to imagine it possible for a girl like me.

Only now, as a woman – do I feel limitless. I’m dreaming of showing in museums, making films, writing books, weaving carpets, keeping bees, making sculptures – and I am.’


Gucci Zumi :
Events host & poetry reader for the global Gucci Zumi campaign.


Sydney , 2019

Upcoming Exhibitions : Heide MoMA Career Survey : Rescheduled Dates TBC 

Stanislava Pinchuk & Henry Wilson : HYBRID – Objects for Future Homes. MAAS Museum, Sydney. Opening September 12, 2020.