Axionome is a climate deviation tracker, calculating & displaying each day’s local temperature in the context of global 1-3° annual average warming.


By day, Axionome collects hourly temperatures from its surrounding city block, comparing the data against local historical weather records. By night, two lights begin their movement across the facade, revealing the day’s anomalous reading in an orbital dance that lasts until midnight, when the tool resets & begins its count again.

Situated in a historically Greek quarter of the city, Axionome derives its name from the Ancient Greek roots axios – meaning ‘to be in balance’, and nomos – as being of ‘a rhythm and law.’


Axionome is the only such public climate deviation tracker in the world.


Location: Former Bureau of Meteorology
150 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

Curation & Production: Broached Commissions
Commissioned by: Charter Hall


The choreography of Axionome’s two orbital lights is programmed in reference to the oldest & most instinctive systems of human time-keeping: the movements of the sun and moon.

Looming over a Methodist Church, Axionome was initially inspired by a clock located within its spire. Built in 1836, such sites once functioned as vital time-keepers, ringing in key hours for workers’ shifts in the Industrial Revolution: a time when mass carbon emissions began to significantly shift global temperatures.

Historically, such spires have also held strong architectural associations to Doomsday warnings.




Lighting: Bluebottle
Graphic Design: Ziga Testen
Data & Technical Assistance: Melanie Huang & Exhibitionist

Photography & Film: Peter Bennetts


Coding Testing: Data automation with 60 day span smoothing, sampled from Nov-Dec 2017

Design Process: Generative facade graphic treatment based on 100 year deviation averages, of rising temperatures from a 1914-2014 data bracket

Smoothing Testing: Data samples from a 1 year initial test period (2017) with 60 day rolling averages / 5 year test period (2017-2021) using 7, 30 and 60 day rolling averages