Stanislava Pinchuk is an artist working with data-mapping the changing topographies of war & conflict zones. Her work is produced in full independence, and surveys how landscape holds memory and testament to political events – spanning drawing, installation, tattooing, film & sculpture.

b. 1988 : Kharkiv, Ukraine.


ACMI, solo exhibition : 2021

Heide MoMA, retrospective : 2020

Sydney Opera House, The Red Carpet : 2020

Zemaljskij Museum of Bosnia i Herzegovina, Hands of the Sun : 2020

+ Wellcome Museum London : book commission : 2021.



Le Louvre’s Musée des Arts Decoratifs, The National Gallery of Australia, MCA, The National Gallery of Victoria, ACMI, La Bibliotheque Nationale de France, UQ Museum, The State Library of Victoria, AGSA, AGWA.


The New Museum (NYC) : New Inc. / Columbia University Architecture Incubator, Heide MoMA, Victoria & Albert Museum, Wellcome Museum.



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Upcoming Exhibitions : Heide MoMA Career Survey : Rescheduled Dates TBC 

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