Resistance & Her Shadow


‘Nobody knew at the time, although perhaps we should have – that these deaths would begin the controlled, drawn-out and disorienting invasion of Ukraine that still continues today. In the square, they were shooting for hearts, lungs and necks. Overground, nothing was good.

Underground, directly below the square – a second, quieter protest began. In the subterranean kiosks of the train station underpasses, national dress was appearing for sale.’


On national dress as resistance in the Slavic world, on Nietzsche’s shirting & European identity, Kappa, Balenciaga & Ottoman embroidery.

Essay by Stanislava Pinchuk.

Jane Magazine
Issue 6, 2019 : Find.


Photography by Odin Wilde.
Styling by Stanislava Pinchuk & Stephanie Stamatis.